Types of Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation cases are private disputes, in which two parties seek a monetary compensation or another remedy from a judge to end further harm. Unlike criminal cases, there is no penalty of imprisonment. Cases where there is no criminal prosecution involved are usually classified as civil litigation. If you think that your legal rights have been hurt, you should contact a professional. Louis M. Leibowitz is a leading Rockville civil lawyer, and he will help you with any kind of civil case.


Civil litigation is used to fairly settle disputes between two parties. Plaintiff is the party filing the lawsuit, whereas the defendant is the party against whom the lawsuit is filed. Both sides should hire a lawyer who will be by their side during the entire process and take the dispute to court if necessary. In most cases, it is possible to settle outside of court. However, if two parties can’t achieve an agreement and resolve their conflict, going to court will be necessary.

Breach of Contract

If one of the parties fails to perform obligations under the terms of the contract, the other party has every right to file a breach of contract claim. The plaintiff can sue to get compensated for monetary damages caused by the other party or ask the court to order the defendant to perform the obligations from the contract. The second option is referred to as specific performance.

Property Disputes

This type of civil cases can include two neighbors who both feel that they are the rightful owner of a real estate or land. A plaintiff can also file a lawsuit if his property or real estate have been damaged by a neighbor. The most common situation is a property line dispute. When one of the neighbors uses a portion of land that is owned by the other neighbor or builds an infrastructure on a part of his property, the hurt party has every right to file a claim.

Complaints Against a City

In most situations, these cases settle outside of court. If a person feels that his or her legal rights have been injured by the federal government, or a city, filing a lawsuit is a good idea.


Although usually it is possible to reach an out-of-court settlement, in some instances the government refuses to pay for monetary compensation. If something like this happens, it is important to hire an experienced and qualified attorney who will defend your rights and represent your best interests.

Family Law Cases

Some of these cases include separation, divorce, child custody, alimony support, and domestic violence. Many people will experience some of these conflicts arising out of the family relationship at some point in their lives. When this happens, it is the best idea to hire an excellent attorney to be by your side during the entire process.